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Functional, elegant solutions for any interior

BR-400C P St. Josephs Hospital P Houston, TX

Exceptional impact protection and durability, and a high degree of design flexibility distinguish the entire line of PRO•TEK® handrails.

Every PRO•TEK handrail is engineered to provide superior impact protection and durability, maximum user comfort and safety, and full compliance with ADA standards. With a broad selection of styles, materials and colors to complement their many functional advantages, PRO•TEK handrails offer a variety of solutions for virtually any project. Several profiles are available with a continuous security bracket for special uses including psychiatric environments.

PRO•TEK handrails are ideal for light, medium and heavy traffic areas, yet they resist scuffs, scratches and dents from moving objects and pedestrian traffic.

heartindicates products available in Heartwood wood-like patterns.

Model Installed Size Cut Away Description
BR-400V heart


BR-400V shown

• Three piece vinyl assembly allows for numerous decorative color combinations
• Continuous security bracket available
• Class A fire rating
• Chemical and stain-resistant
• Material thickness:
     vinyl: .100"
     aluminum: .100"



BR-400C shown

• BR-400C R has a removable wood top rail
• Continuous security bracket available
• Bumper projects out from the wall, protecting Wood Rail in oak, maple or ash railing
• Material thickness:
     vinyl: .100"
     aluminum: .100"


with design

Crescent Series Handrail
• Design coordinates with WG-7 and WG-5 wall guards
• Oval hand grip and bottom bumper available in 60 vinyl color options
•BR-600C features top rail available in maple, ash or oak
• Easy to install
•Available with 3/4" wide vertical color design accents

  BR-800 • Excellent as a hand rail and a crash rail • Flex-action fully absorbs impact
• Material thickness:
      vinyl: .100"
      aluminum: .083"

  BR-500 heart

• Universal handrail for all applications
• Continuous security bracket available

• Universal handrail for all applications
• Horizontal grooves for added detail
• Continuous security bracket available


Accent Strip allows Facilities to color code corridors by function, area or location

• Vinyl accent stripe; seamlessly co-extruded to prevent dust or dirt buildup
• Continuous security bracket available

Endura Rail

accent stripe

accent stripes


The only aluminum reinforced return available in the industry
• Continuous security bracket available • The only aluminum reinforced inside and outside corner
• The only return with a metal-to-metal fastening to the rail
• The heaviest bumper cushion in the industry
• Aluminum: .082" thick
• Durable heavy-gauge vinyl .100" thick
• Available with a 2-1/4" co-extruded accent stripe, style


• Good Power Grip; Pinch-Style
• Continuous, rigid wraparound vinyl
• Enclosed aluminum retainer includes special function lock
• 1-1/2 diameter rail
• Material thickness:
     vinyl: .080"
     aluminum: .100"

BR-2400 (uses two BR-1200 rails)

• Excellent Grip Location, Either Standing or Sitting
• Special aluminum bracket reinforces rail durability
• Ideal for health/elder/child care facilities